Communication Solution for Oil & Gas

At present, most petrochemical companies in my country generally adopt a systematic, automated, and visualized production monitoring model. Traditional communication systems are gradually unable to meet the communication needs of the current refined production of the petrochemical industry. Based on the current communication needs and pain points of the petrochemical industry, a set of convenient communication solutions has been tailored for it. Aiming at the communication difficulties in different scenarios of petrochemical enterprises, we provide you with more practical and targeted communication solutions.

● Districts in the factory are equipped with independent terminal communication equipment such as SIP explosion-proof intercoms and explosion-proof broadcast speakers. In the event of an unexpected situation, you can press a button for help immediately;

● Managers can instantly broadcast emergency broadcasts through broadcast terminals to ensure the safety of on-site personnel;

● Multi-scheme cluster coverage: IP co-channel simulcast cluster, digital DMR/PDT small cluster, digital DMR/PDT large cluster and other cluster solutions can be used according to user needs to ensure basic voice data management, and specially set up emergency communications System, dedicated to private network.

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