Communication Solution for Offshore Platforms & Rigs

In recent years, with the increase in global oil demand, the development of this industry is of great significance to the global economy and energy security, but it is also accompanied by risks and safety issues. In the work of oil drilling platforms, the emergency communication system is a vital link, which can help us solve critical situations and ensure work safety. On oil drilling platforms, there are often many encounters between crew members and between crew members and shore communications. Difficulties, and in emergencies, communication failures can lead to extremely dangerous situations.

● Individual calls, group calls, and all calls: Using digital repeaters or trunking systems, individual calls, group calls, and all calls for all terminals in the network can be implemented, and emergency calls are supported to ensure smooth communication;

● Communication equipment compatibility: It adopts digital trunking technology, is compatible with the original analog network, and provides telephone interconnection functions for interconnection with original wired communication equipment such as amplified intercoms and internal telephones.

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