Communication Solution for Highways

The construction of highway will use new generation standards such as informatization, intelligence, and digitalization as the construction standards for highway.

The new IP intercom broadcasting system all adopts the digital transmission of Ethernet has no interference and no attenuation. It can fully utilize the unified internal communication network of the road section to realize the main control of intercom, broadcast and alarm for various departments. Dry transmission does not occupy valuable main fiber resources alone. In some toll booths that do not have direct Ethernet access, you only need to lead the network from the station to the toll booth.

● Set up network help terminals on highways to facilitate drivers and passengers to ask for help with one click when they have difficulties;

● Toll stations can call each other and talk to each other. When the management center calls, the management center takes priority and the mutual intercom will be interrupted. Forced calls can be set;

● High-speed monitoring linkage. IP broadcast terminals are installed on the road. When illegal parking or accidents are discovered, information can be released to the accident point through the monitoring center to organize and divert vehicles;

● The system structure is simple and the networking is convenient. Just connect the equipment to the computer network to form a powerful digital communication system, which can realize computer network, Emergency help, background music, video surveillance, and public broadcasting multiple networks in one.


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