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Dedication and Profession

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J&R Technology Ltd. is a premier designer and manufacturer of standard and custom telephone solutions. Our products deliver industry proven and innovated high quality telephone technology to a broad range of private, and public businesses, industries, and applications.

Our products include telephone systems, various telephone terminals such as industrial telephones, weatherproof heavy duty telephone, explosion proof telephones, vandal proof public telephones, emergency telephones, help points, call stations, and others like acoustic telephone hoods, telephone pillars, and telephone accessories.

Dedication and profession have been our pursuing goals during any procedures of our production, not only in developing and quality controlling but also in marketing and after sales. We serve any single potential customer with the most suitable solutions and systems.

Best Telephone Manufacturer

Our telephones are used in various industries including oil&gas, maritime, industrial, transportation, etc. The phones can be installed at airports, harbors, railway platforms, banks, and many other places.

We mainly export our telephones to South America, North America, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. So far, we have built good cooperation with many famous companies such as the USA military, Network Rail, TCCD, Huawei, Siemens, and more.

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