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JR-TH-01 Acoustic hood for telephone

JR-TH-01 can be used for a pavilion, telephone booth, public phone booth, sentry box, wind and rain resistance phone pavilion, and anti-noise telephone booth due to its GRP(Glass reinforced plastic material).

Interior decoration sound-absorbing cotton for the silencing holes, can be applied to serious noise environments and reduce noise from 115-120db to 90-95db. It is suitable in noisy environments such as nuclear power plants, shipping, offshore platform, power plant, steel, smelting, petroleum, petrochemical industry, and so on.

Main features:

1. Include telephone mounting bracket / Good acoustic qualities and highly visible

2. Popular in noisy factories such as newspaper print rooms / Designed for use in noisy areas and harsh environments

3. Telephone mounting panel 200mm deep shelf / Durable, lightweight, chemical resistant body

4. 23dB noise reduction or more / Suitable for heavy industrial telephones (up to 60 kg)

5. Extremely robust / High visibility yellow paint finish


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