JR Weatherproof Telephones are installed Beside railway track in Turkey

Turkish National Railways owns and maintains all public railways in Turkey, including railway stations, ports, Bridges and tunnels, docks and maintenance facilities. It is also one of the important partners of J&R. At present, our company has undertaken 8 Turkish national railway emergency telephone projects, and 3 tunnel moisture-proof emergency telephone projects. In the follow-up, we also received good feedback from users. Thank you very much for client support and trust!

The JR101-FK trackside telephone adopts a multi-layer waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, which can be used normally for a long time in a high-humidity environment. Short-term immersion can also normally call for help from the outside world. It has the function of number storage, supports speed dialing, and the keys can be customized with the luminous display. It is used for emergency help beside railway tracks or highways.

J&R Dongfang Junke Co., Ltd. has undertaken many railway telephone projects at home and abroad for many years, and has rich experience in the development and production of special telephones. In addition to this project, our company has also undertaken railway telephone projects such as Iran Railway Station, Moscow Metro Line 14, Canada Alberta Light Rail Station, Singapore Metro Tunnel and Hong Kong Metro Tunnel.

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