J&R SIP loud speaker used in Asian tunnel project

1800 sets of SIP speakers JRSP-SIP-01 used in Asian tunnels have been produced and shipped. Thank you for your support and trust!

SIP Speaker JRSP-SIP-01 is designed for outdoor environments. It allows users to remotely warn off intruders before they commit a crime, to deliver instructions during an emergency or to make general voice messages. The SIP speaker also support to play a prerecord audio file manually or automatically in response to an alarm event.

  • All-in-one speaker systemConnect to standard networkPoE, Simple installation

Open standards support easy integration with network video, access control and VoIP (supporting SIP). JRSP-SIP-01 is a standalone unit that can be placed almost anywhere, which supports a flexible, stable and cost-effective approach to system design.

Ideal for Railway, Highway side, Tunnels, Bridge, Steel Plant, Chemical Plants, oil and gas, Mine, and related industrial application, etc.

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