JR305-SC 3G Emergency Telephone Was Installed In Alps mountains

J&R so proud and honored to have this great opportunity to provide a reliable 3G emergency telephone solution In the Alps mountains and ensure all the climbers who need help can contact their families or rescue teams in time to get the fastest rescue.

Many thanks for all the pictures shared by Mr.Gernot Spitzenstätter.Although we haven’t been to the Alps mountains, so proud to provide the most reliable emergency call equipment for all the climbers in these splendid mountains.

The following highlights of our emergency telephone solution:

  • Analogue,SIP,2G/3G/4G version
  • Stainless steel or Cold rolled steel phone housing for option
  • Phone line/POE/DC12V power supply
  • Can support at most 4 phone numbers rolling dial by one button
  • On wall mounted type
  • IP55-IP65 waterproof rating protection
  • Custom design include phone housing, color and silk-screen

Welcome to any valuable comment, J&R will provide you with the most professional service and best telephone solution support. Thanks a lot!

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