J&R industrial intercoms, at the sugar refinery in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

J&R industrial intercoms

J&R Technology IP67/IK10 industrial walkie-talkie with the enhanced signal via beacons and exponential loudspeakers, located in an industrial park in Saudi Arabia.

The sugar refinery, built by TSK, is located in the King Fahad Industrial Port, one of the most important in the Red Sea, in the town of Yanbu (Saudi Arabia). With a production capacity of 2,500 tons/day, it covers a large part of the sugar needs of the Saudi market.

J&R Technologies intercom equipment, with a very high degree of protection (IP67) against contact, external agents, and water, and also with anti-vandal protection (IK10), are the most suitable for the industrial environment and adverse climatology. They all use the SIP compatible protocol and have a full keyboard to call any number or preprogrammed numbers.

Depending on the needs of each location, the models are supplied with or without a door or are equipped with a beacon that lights up when a call is received and with an exponential loudspeaker that emits a ring tone of up to 110 dB SPL, which also allows the public address function. Some of the equipment is located in JR-TH-02 cabins, made of fiberglass reinforced polyester (GRP), specially designed for installation in corrosive industrial environments, which protects and insulates (up to 15 dB) the intercoms.

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