Weatherproof Telephones
The JR100 series telephones are fully contained within a corrosion resistant cast aluminium weatherproof case with a door providing complete protection against dust and moisture ingress, resulting in a highly reliable product with a long MTBF.

» Weatherproof Telephone With Door    » Auto Dial Anti-water Telephone    » Outdoor Emergency Telephone
» Heavy Duty Telephone With Two Buttons    » Industrial Telephone    » Swimming Pool Emergeney Telephone
» PTT Weatherproof Telephone     » Dual Button Roadside Telephone     » VoIP Weatherproof Telephone
» VoIP Auto-dial Telephone     » VoIP Roadside Emergecny Telephone     » VoIP Dual Button Industrial Telephone
» VoIP Marine Telephone     » VoIP Trackside Telephone     » VoIP Tunnel Emergency Telehpone
» Dual Button VoIP Emergency Phone     » Weatherproof Phone With Light

Weatherproof Telephones JR101-FK-L

Waterproof Emergency Telephone JR103-FK

Weatherproof Telephone JR101-FK

Industrial LCD Telephone JR105-FK

Industrial LED Telephone JR101-CB-L

Hotline Tunnel Telephone JR101-CB

Emergency Call Box JR102-SC

Speed Dial Emergency Call Station JR102-2B

Waterproof telephone JR103-CB

Weatherproof Intercom Call Box JR104-SC

Dual Buttons Call Station JR104-2B

Speed Dial Outdoor Telephone JR101-4B

Speed Dial Emergency Telephone JR101-3B

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